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Compact Boilers

Compact - Boiler

The Compact Boiler is also known as the GEC Compact the GEC Boiler the APECS Compact and the APECS boiler. This is because it was originally designed by GEC and manufactured by GEC Engineering (Accrington). The Compact was then manufactured by APECS therefore causing the name change.

The Compact boiler works by storing heat from low-cost, off-peak electricity in a feolite core. When the user requires heat from the Compact boiler, an integral fan passes air over the core, then over an air-to-water heat exchanger in a closed loop. This produces hot water which is circulated around the heating system by an integral pump.

When, as may happen in the coldest weather, the energy is depleted from the core, boost can be provided by energising the element within the storage core, all easily controllable at the touch of a button. The boilers can integrate with any form of low pressure hot water (LPHW) central heating system. In larger commercial applications, the boilers can be 'banked' together to provide any amount of heat that may be required.

If correctly maintained the GEC Compact or APECS Compact boiler is expected to last for many years; in fact some units which are in excess of 15 years old are in very similar condition to when they were first installed. The basic principle of energy storage has changed little since it was first introduced over fifty years ago, and some of these original heaters are working as efficiently today as when they were new.