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Chidlow Electricaire

Chidlow Electricaire - Warm Air Heater

The Chidlow Electricaire or GEC Chidlow Electricaire by using the tried, tested and trusted Electricaire principle to the largest of properties.

Using exactly the same principles and technology as the smaller Electricaire models but on a grander scale, the GEC Chidlow Electricaire uses cheap overnight electricity to heat up the storage core that are encased in a highly efficient insulation shield to prevent unwanted heat loss. Depending on your needs and how you programme it, your GEC Chidlow Electricaire will gradually dispense its stored heat throughout the day. With the help of a quiet controlled fan and integral air filter, it gently disperses clean, warm air throughout your rooms matching the times and temperatures that you instruct. Any unused heat is not wasted, but is stored for later use and so reduces subsequent power inputs and costs.

The GEC Chidlow Electricaire can be free standing or ducted depending on the site conditions