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electricaire - Warn Air Heater

The Electricaire range has taken the well established concept of electric warm air heating and has refined it to an advanced level, such that today it brings you every feature you could wish for: fully controllable, comfortable, clean, convenient heating and fresh air ventilation plus VALUE FOR MONEY.

The entire Electricaire concept is geared to efficiency with economy. The units themselves are specially designed for low initial cost, inexpensive installation, minimal maintenance and high reliability. And because they operate on off-peak electricity, the cheapest there is, you even save money on your fuel bills. The Electricaire units use this cheap overnight power to heat up the storage core which is made up of super-efficient, heat-retaining blocks that are encased in the most advanced insulation shield to prevent unwanted heat loss.

Depending on your needs and how you programme it, your Electricaire will gradually dispense its stored heat throughout the day. With the help of a quiet, controllable fan and integral air filter, it gently disperses luxurious, clean, warm air throughout your rooms precisely matching the timings and temperatures you instructed.

Any unused heat is not wasted, but is stored for later use and so reduces subsequent power inputs and costs.

The Electricaire can be used free standing or where appropriate, a neat, unobtrusive ducting system can be used to direct the warm air to the most distant areas.

With the optional extra day energy kit, if you should require any immediate additional heat - say for example in very extreme winter weather or on a surprisingly cool day in summer, then your Electricaire can be manually switched to accept instant day-rate electricity.

All Electricaire units are designed for simple installation and easy maintenance, in order to contain initial costs and reduce upkeep expenses to an absolute minimum. All the parts are easily accessible and just a simple annual service by your factory trained Installer is all that's needed to keep your Electricaire system running at its most efficient and economical.