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Element Insulator Ceramic Spigot

Element Insulator Ceramic Spigot 

Product Code: Z150049C

Price: £2.52 ( Including VAT 20.00% )

  Two element insulation spigots are positioned on the Nightstor Boiler element post. The lower one holds the post in the centre of the slot in the ceramic slab. The upper one is an electrical insulator which holds the element post in position as it passes through the metal inner lid.

This component is compatible with the following boilers:
  • Compact 45 two per boiler
  • Compact 65 twoper boiler
  • Nightstor 60+ four per boiler
  • Nightstor 60 eight per boiler
  • Nightstor 80 eight per boiler
  • Nightstor 100 eight per boiler
  • Nightstor 120 eight per boiler
  • Nightstor 160 sixteen per boiler
  • Nightstor 250 twelve per boiler