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Sentinel X400 Sludge Remover

Sentinel X400 Sludge Remover 

Product Code: X400

Price: £29.99 ( Including VAT 20.00% )

This sludge remover is used on systems wher the flow rate of water through the Nightstor or Compact boiler heatexchanger has been reduced by a build up of sludge or magnatite. This condition could manefest itself as either noise or the manual overtemperature trip operating. The solution should be added to the system and circulated through the system whilst the heating is operating until the problem is remedied, then the system must be flushed thoroughly. Always use the detailed instructions on the bottle.

If you are experiencing problems with the flow rate of water through the heatexchanger causing the overtemperature trip to operate it is likely that you will require assistance and a site visit.

This inhibitor is compatible with the following boilers:
  • Compact 45
  • Compact 65
  • Nightstor 60+
  • Nightstor 60
  • Nightstor 80
  • Nightstor 100
  • Nightstor 120
  • Nightstor 160
  • Nightstor 250


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